Nail Arting: 1

I’ve been wearing nail polish since I started varsity in February. My rule: a new colour every week. Alas, my lazy tendency kicks in sometimes and I wear a certain colour just over a week. Nail polish has become a staple in my life since I matriculated. I can’t even remember what my natural nail bed looks like. Seriously,  I’ve been coating my nails for the past 11ish weeks. And I love it. I decided that I might as well share this with you lovely readers, maybe you’d like to try some of these. So I will be doing this on a regular basis.

This past week I wore Rimmel London: 60 Seconds- In ‘230 Portbello Pink’

The ‘Xpress Brush’ requires a one second one stroke action. Otherwise it creates a weird lumpiness.

It dries in 60 seconds which is very useful for the modern day - all ways on the go - woman. I opted for two coats. I always do. Pink is such a strange colour for me to be wearing, I felt a little Barbie vibe coming from my fingertips. So weird. This was a gift to my sister and I, from my cousin Heidi. Along with other Rimmel London goodies.

“Get the London look”

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  1. Love it! I needs to gets me some*