Triple Play

Just because I love you and I’m so sweet I’ll give you a triple dose of good music. What went down this week: Thor Rixon released his ‘Shared Folders’ EP - the first half of ‘My Documents’, The Gravy crew released their first album and Al Bairre hit 11 000 views on Youtube.

The 7 track EP titled ‘Shared Folders’ by Mr Thor Rixon (I don’t know why, but I just like to refer to him like that, all classy and stuff) takes you on a journey through an array of genres and collabs, by the likes of Nicholas Preen, Amy Lester, David Thorpe, Matt Rightford, Ian McNair, Exorsistahs, Daddywarbucks and a track produced by Rvwr. A little side note - ‘Shared Folder’ reached over 2000 plays in 4 days. If that is not a sign for you to go download it right now… then you must be out of your beautiful little mind.

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Free download of ‘Shared Folders’ here

A massive collection of some of the sickest local DJ’s and producers have come together to pour gravy all over us. Or not… the Gravy crew consisting of Sibot, Dank, liver, Card on Spokes, RVWR, Christian Tiger School, O'ltak, Richard the Third, Narch, Slabofmisuse and Mr. Sakitumi has come together for a full 10 track album. Be sure to go download this album NOW, for free might I ad.

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Free download here

Al Bairre has hit an incredible 11 000+ views for their music video for ‘We Move On’ on Youtube. Fist hitting an amazing 10 000 views on May 30th after only releasing the video on May 26th these okes are on another level! Or have a deal with some wizards and sangomas. I quite like them and I suggest you check them out too.

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RVWR - Where Were You EP

RVWR (pronounced rawr NOT ‘river’), dubbed ‘Trap God’ by the EDM-heads here in Cape Town, will be playing at The Assembly this Wednesday for their weekly student night party – ‘See You Next Wednesday'. I suggest you all head on down for good booty bouncing beats.

Here’s a little preview of what you will be hearing – RVWR’s latest EP released through naasMUSIC. The two track EP ‘Where Were You?’ will have you asking your brain “WHERE WERE YOU???” if you miss out on SYNW.

Listen & free download here

Line up:
- Ryan Gosling
- Coloured Black
- Bryan Travis (LoveAll)
- Stone-Age Citizens

9PM / R30 / R20 BEFORE 10 

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See you all there!


Shortstraw - Good Morning, Sunshine

Hot off the release of their new album and opening for The Kooks, on their trip here, Shortstraw has brought us their latest music video - Good Morning, Sunshine.

The video sees the band doing a show for a packed crowd, dancing and jumping around without a care in the world. Indie kids hey... I love it, I actually wish I was there too. I'm yet to see this wonderful band live. So the next time they are down here in Cape Town I'll be front center!

"woohoo woohoo you're such a b*tch in the morning"

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and purchase their album for ANY price here 

They make music that sounds "like unicorns frolicking in a field"
So go get it!


Lana Del Rey - Young & Beautiful

My song of the week, or rather… of the past few weeks since it has been released: Lana Del Rey’s ‘Young & Beautiful’. Off the soundtrack to Baz Luhrmann’s ‘The Great Gatsby’ movie adaptation of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s famous novel. Baz Luhrmann, also known for his two great films ‘Moulin Rouge!’ and ‘Romeo + Juliet’.

The soundtrack has been released through Interscope Records on May 6, 2013. The soundtrack saw Jay-Z as its executive producer, for the film as well, and Anton Mosted as the main producer. It also features new tracks from Florence & The Machine, Fergie, Jay-Z, Nero, Will-I-Am and The xx. I was surprised to see a cover version of Amy Winehouse’s ‘Back To Black’ by Beyoncé and Andre 3000 on the soundtrack and Beyoncé’s ‘Crazy In love’ by Emeli Sande, also U2’s ‘Love Is Blindness’ by Jack White. No question why Beyoncé appears twice on this soundtrack, I see you Jay-Z.

Lana Del Rey’s track is the lead single to the soundtrack and rightfully so. It was written by film director Baz Luhrmann, Rick Nowels and artist Lana Del Rey. What makes me love this song more is that there is an orchestral version as well, accented by exceptional violins. The lyrics epitomise the love Daisy Buchanan has for Jay Gatsby and his fabulous millionaire lifestyle. I’d say it brings me to tears… but that’s just me over reacting, obviously. The movie hits our cinema’s May, 17. So be sure to go check it out. I definitely will. 



The Rolling Stones - 50 & Counting

May 3, 2013 saw The Rolling Stones take their ’50 & Counting’ tour to a sold out Staples Center, Los Angeles, America. How these guys still do it boggles my mind. I’ll just be over here… waiting for them to hit our Sunny Shores.

Their 23 song set list over 2+ hours consisted of various hits such as: "Honky Tonk Women", "Start Me Up", "Miss You", "Tumbling Dice", "Brown Sugar", "It's Only Rock 'N Roll", "Paint It Black", "Gimme Shelter" and an encore consisting of  "Can't Always Get What You Want", "Jumpin' Jack Flash” and "Satisfaction".

What made me squeal a little bit was this tweet:
Ah! Gwen Stefani on stage with The Rolling Stones! Why why why was I not there? The band featuring one of my favourite singers of my Primary school years did a moving rendition of my absolute FAVOURITE Rolling Stones song: ‘Wild Horses’. They kindly posted a minute snippet of the performance to Youtube, for us folk here in South Africa waiting for them (well I like to think that).

There’s been quite a negative response to the video on the Youtube comments section. But I don’t care about internet trolls. I love Stefani and the Stones.

Just to make us more jealous, urgh, country singer Keith Urban joined them on stage for a rocking ‘Respectable’ performance (A better response for him in the Youtube comment section).

Please please please come to South Africa Mr Jagger?

Until then… GRRR (See what I did there?)


Nail Arting: 1

I’ve been wearing nail polish since I started varsity in February. My rule: a new colour every week. Alas, my lazy tendency kicks in sometimes and I wear a certain colour just over a week. Nail polish has become a staple in my life since I matriculated. I can’t even remember what my natural nail bed looks like. Seriously,  I’ve been coating my nails for the past 11ish weeks. And I love it. I decided that I might as well share this with you lovely readers, maybe you’d like to try some of these. So I will be doing this on a regular basis.

This past week I wore Rimmel London: 60 Seconds- In ‘230 Portbello Pink’

The ‘Xpress Brush’ requires a one second one stroke action. Otherwise it creates a weird lumpiness.

It dries in 60 seconds which is very useful for the modern day - all ways on the go - woman. I opted for two coats. I always do. Pink is such a strange colour for me to be wearing, I felt a little Barbie vibe coming from my fingertips. So weird. This was a gift to my sister and I, from my cousin Heidi. Along with other Rimmel London goodies.

“Get the London look”

Fashion Friday #3

Today’s ‘Fashion Friday’ I will be giving you one useful tip: How to achieve celebrity style with one accessory. We are all heavily influenced by what we see in the media. Dressing for comfort is the main objective, well… in my life, but dressing to impress doesn't hurt.

The accessory: Skull Printed Scarf.

Original: Alexander McQueen

Mine: Cotton On.

I’ve seen this signature Alexander McQueen scarf on countless celebrities such as Kim Kardashian, Nicole Richie, Ashlee Simpson, Pink, Lourders Ciccone Leon (Madonna’s daughter), Keith Richards, Lindsay Lohan etc. And when I saw it at Cotton On for R99… OBVIOUSLY I had to have it! Who doesn’t want to look like a swanky celeb, right? I wear it regularly, my sister loves it so much that she borrows it from time to time too. My mum shouldn't get any ideas though, woah.

The original Alexander McQueen scarf is available in an assortment of colours and fabrics, ranging from $575.00, $445.00 and $295.00 but don’t fret, I won’t even attempt to convert those prices to Rands and they don’t ship to South Africa, boo. So hop on down to Cotton On and grab one, they are available in white, black, dark green and red.

It looks great teamed up with practically anything and everything. A plain dress, skinny jeans and a leather jacket, a printed t-shirt and shorts too. It’s that versatile.  I recommend that you get yourself one for this winter. It’s not just your usual fashion accessory type scarf, it actually keeps you warm. I love it.