5 Gum Presents: The Kooks Live In Cape Town

My soul can rest easy... I have seen The Kooks perform “Sway” and it was amazing.

The hype started when 5 Gum announced that they will be bringing a band over for another ‘5 Gum Experience’. Asking on Facebook and Twitter who people thought it would be, many said The Black Keys, Alt-J, The Wombats etc… and obviously The Kooks. I was one of those begging for The Kooks. I knew I had to hear “Sway” live within my lifetime. It’s my jam. Something about that song and its lyrics makes me content. Once they confirmed that the band coming to South Africa will be The Kooks and the application for tickets opened, I was on it. But… being the lazy person I am, I only entered my 5 Gum barcode the day before the application closed. Just my luck, I didn't get tickets. What a sad face I was. Lucky for me, a dear friend , Shannon Nicole, offered me her tickets, she’s out of her mind! I’m forever grateful. Side note to those who bought tickets. I see you. 

I was so excited on the days leading up to the event on Saturday April 20th. What was I going to wear? Fellow Kooks fan and I decided band t-shirts would work, we are cool like that. She - Crash Car Burn, me - Jim Morrison. When we arrived at Maitland Secondary School, I was pleased to see how smooth things went. Parking was done orderly, the line to get searched and ID’s checked before entering the bus went swiftly and then actually getting on the bus after a few minutes wait, gave me nothing to complain about. The bus trip was a quick one to Salt River Studios, the secret venue for the concert. A massive warehouse, used for films, adverts, etc, was the perfect venue to fit the thousands of Kooks fans. Upon arrival we were once more searched, asked for ID and got our tickets scanned. Oh* we were also given free chewing gum at the entrance. 

Haasbroek was on when we got there. A DJ I hadn't known, but after Saturday I wouldn't mind hearing more of his music. I enjoyed it, it got me dancing and I like anyone who can make me dance. Next up was Beach Party. I like them, quite a bit! They are so much fun to watch and listen to. High fives to the lead singer. I found myself in the center of the crowd during their set. It was crazy hot and crazy Kooks fans were being fussy about their space. It’s understandable, but my friends and I rather left the tight squeezed crowd area. We weren't going to watch the headliners like a bunch of sardines. Up next during the changeover of bands was Haasbroek again. And then The December Streets. I like those dudes. Their set was tight and well done. They covered The Lumineers “Ho Hey” which was pretty cool, I dig that song.

In between all of this my friend and I managed to hit the porter-potties, what I believe was the longest bar ever and the food stalls. All really well done, YAY to 5 Gum. I was outside when I heard the first strumage (yes I think I just created a word) of guitar to The Kooks’ first song “Ooh La”. It was amazing to see how everyone ran, fast walked or shimmied their way to try and get as close as possible to the stage. My friend and I found other friends and stood on top of random block things around the bar area, to be able to get a clear view. Ah. I was so happy. An indie paradise I called it. They did my favourites such as Sway, How’d You Like That and crowd favourites such as Junk Of The Heart and Naïve. After making ladies swoon and men reconsider their sexuality, the guys came back to do a two song encore. Ending with Naïve and I’m so serious when I say the crowd went ape to it. My favourite image was that of ladies sitting on their boyfriend’s shoulders. Luke Pritchard, front man extraordinaire, and nice looking too, you sir… are quite suave. Once they ended everyone pretty much decided it was time to go. Everyone walked in an orderly fashion toward the buses. But the vulture inside of us all awakened and it became a zombie apocalypse to catch a bus. I loved it! I found it absolutely hilarious.

Visuals and sound, although a bit dodgy for the opening acts, gets thumbs up from me. Well done 5 Gum. I’m hooked; see you at the next 5 Gum Experience.



Fashion Friday #2

Matric Ball. Every girls dream day, apart from her wedding day of course. As girls, we spend most of our High School years thinking about it. The glitz, the glam. Your special day. Your time to shine. To feel like a celebrity. To walk (in some cases), the prestigious "Red Carpet". 

My Matric Ball was one of the best moments of my life. I spent months gushing over dresses, shoes, hairstyles – what would the event be like? Would I dance? Would I look pretty like all the other girls, and most importantly, who would I take as a partner? Okay, I'll admit it... I spent years thinking about it and it came and went in an instant. After months and weeks of preparing, just like that, it was over. I had my hair done at my usual hairdresser and I was in awe that she actually did the style exactly like I wanted it. *Yay* to her. My dress was a red beauty sent straight from the Dress Gods. I absolutely love it! I even cropped it and wore it as a braids-maid dress to my sister's wedding. It's not everyday you get to parade around in full make up, heels and a stunning dress. Some people get the dress code so right. It makes me want to cry enough tears to last a few chick-flicks. And then others... They make me want to poke my eyeballs out. Hello. Please don't wear your grandma's curtain. It's not dress fabric. Bye. But my sister explained to me that not everyone has an older sister, with a wild/mad fashion skill that will help them and guide them in the right fashion direction - and that we should not judge. Sure Candice, take credit for my fashion sense why don't you. 

This made me question: Who do we take our fashion inspiration from? Obviously the media and celebrities. But ladies, we also have our grannies, mums, aunts and big sisters. None of you can tell me that you haven't fitted on your mum/big sisters high heels and paraded around like the Queen of England when you were a kid. Am I right? Yes. We've all done it.

It took me forever to find the perfect dress for my matric ball. In one morning I fitted on thirteen dresses. And if you know me... You know I was not happy. I'm the laziest person ever and that was so much effort. THIRTEEN! Sheesh. I made the decision to purchase a dress (laziness does not accommodate designing and having a dress made). After browsing through most of Cape Town with the guidance of my mum and two sisters, I went as far as Pretoria to find a dress. My pride and joy was purchased at a boutique type shop in Menlyn Park shopping mall. I swear. It was like one of those moment just out of the movies. I put it on and knew it was "the one". I fell in love. My earrings were from Sass Diva. Ring, a random jewelry shop. Bracelet, from my sister, I don't know where she bought it. And peep-toe nude heels from Aldo. *Yay* Oh and perfume - Kate Moss Vintage, a gift from my cousin and his wife. 

My sister kept it with her in Pretoria. Apparently if I looked at it too much I would become less excited. Uhm ok? But they were right. I couldn't contain myself in the week leading up to the ball. September 29, 2012. Forever etched into my heart. Putting on the dress, showing my family and friends, driving up to my school, walking the red carpet and dancing whole night in my pride and joy will forever stay with me as a memory I treasure. I thank my family for that wonderful opportunity. 

Here are some matric ball dresses the popular girls should wear. ( I'm a secret mean girl and we all want to look better than the popular girl right?)

 (Trance Party or Matric Ball?)

(Your mother must be so proud)

And here are some dresses I would recommend to those closest to my heart, my entourage. (kidding, I love my friends)



Dillon Francis - Suite & Tie (Remix)

First of all. It must be known that I really love the original 'Suite & Tie' by Mr Justin Timberlake. Yes Mr. 

We've all always loved him. How can you not? Even guys, you all wanted to secretly sing and dance like him. Come on. Admit it. Glad he's back to making music.

But this post is not about MR JT... It's about Dillon Francis. 

'Dillon Hart Francis is an American electronic-dance musician, known for being one of the pioneers of moombahton, a fusion genre of house music and reggaeton, and moombahcore, a sub-genre of electronic dance music deviating from moombahton.' 

Is that Greek to you? For those of you not well acquainted with electronic dance music, just know that he makes... well... music that makes you dance. Take a listen to this...

A banger right? Yes. I love it. I heard it when I was listening to the 'Das Kapital Radio Show' on Assembly Radio -hosted by DJ Va-VA and Rvwr (for this week/episode). And I decided... you all should hear it too. It's that cool. I've gotten really into EDM lately and I really like this track, it's been out a while already.

Here's a little cool/random fact: " Dillon enjoys cats and they influence much of his work and cover art. Dillon plans on making enough money to save as many cats' lives as he can. He is particularly fond of the Scottish Fold." 



Life Magic - Highway Dawn EP

Hey! I have some new Tuesday tunes for you and it's free too. Courtesy of the fellows at naas, naasMUSIC has released Life Magic's two track EP - 'Highway Dawn'. 

Title track of the EP - 'Highway Dawn' is a 5 minute trip down trip lane. And I like it! Add some brass samples and the track is "muy caliente" (very hot, there's your Spanish lesson for the day).

'Pool Fun' - My favourite of the two, actually, makes me want to lay next to the pool... and you know... feel gangster whilst having fun. "Fo reals"

Life Magic is a young producer from Cape Town. Yay to more local music. So keep a look out for him at your local hot spots. And another thanks to naas for some "naas music".

Listen here (free download) 

Follow here



Special Guests - Fat Pockets

Just because I am crazy... I've been listening to this song on repeat. I'm so serious. I don't know why. It's so funny AND fun! Ah!  Special Guests: A rap duo by the Durrant brothers from Desmond & The Tutus. And that's just what they are! SPECIAL!

Just look at that artwork! So PHAT! Lovit! 


Local Is Better

After a long weekend of hard partying with my awesomely awesome friends, I woke up on Sunday at 3pm. Nice. 

Friday night I hit up The Assembly for the "Do Work Records" launch. What an epic night. Expect big things from them concerning the local dance scene. Saturday night I went to Affinity in Claremont for my dear friend Bianca's birthday celebrations. Let's just say you won't see me in Claremont anytime soon. It was Affinity's "Grand Reopening" and Hyphen played, whose set I enjoyed. But "grand"... ya right.

Wait... let's get to the point of this blogpost. On Sunday, after having a pretty good sleep and lunch, I thought;"What now? What am I going to do with myself?" Then I decided "Let's download some local music off Soundcloud" and that's just what I did. I'm so happy that I did. The local scene is on fire at the moment. I might just stop listening to music that is coming at us from America and Europe. We have enough talent right here on our shores! I love finding new music to listen to. I went on to download music of bands that I have heard of, but never actually listened to or seen perform yet. Such as: The Oxygen Thieves, Beach Party, Gateway Drugs, Black Market Riots and The Very Wicked. So i'll spend my week listening to some awesome local music. 

I was pretty happy when I got this response from Black Market Riots manager and two of the band members, when I tweeted that I had just downloaded their music. 
This just proves how appreciative our local bands are when you download or purchase their music. Personally I feel putting up music on Soundcloud could prove very rewarding to bands. Fans will be able to get a taste of what future albums will sound like and also hearing people sing lyrics back to you at concerts must be a pretty great feeling for the band. More and more artists are putting their music up for free download, even if it is just one or two songs. This is very good, it will only strengthen the local industry. 

The Oxygen Thieves, Beach Party, Gateway Drugs, Black Market Riots and The Very Wicked are going to be my soundtrack for this week and I suggest you go download their music too. 




Fashion Friday #1

As a young Lady I could never walk past The Lot in Canal Walk, without my inner fashion-enthusiast crying out “I WANT! I NEED! I MUST HAVE!” Like a kid in a candy store not knowing where to throw my eyes. In fact, my girls and I could never pass by without drooling at the shimmer and shine of their beautiful dresses - sequins everywhere. I LOVE. What girl doesn't need a little bling-bling in their life? (If you don’t like bling bling, I don’t like you). Their clothes are on trend, sassy and very chic. Now 18 and I wish I owned more of The Lot, not the actual store, just it's clothes.(I’m so sad, Le student life? Le sigh*)

I started following them on Twitter and liked their Facebook page. A girl needs some fashion goals, aspirations, you know? Their clothes are amazing! So I started casually saving the pictures and I take a look at them regularly to affirm my quest toward an awesome wardrobe. Just wait a few years till I  have a decent job with my totally awesome qualifications, you will see me in these outfits. Yes. You will.

Here are some of my favourite looks:
The bowler hat: 

The skater skirt: 

Looks for campus/everyday life:

Party hardy:

Silly shorts:

And some random favourites:

Comment below and tell me which looks you like most. And what you will wear to what event/party/gatherings.

(The Lot: situated in Canal Walk, Stellenbosch, Claremont and Kloof Street -Gardens)


Follow The Lot here

PS... I have no words for these boots.


Do Work Records Launch Party

First there was this...

and we were all like "YAY DO WORK DO WORK DO WOOOORRRKK!" 

Das Kapital, a young DJ // Producer from Cape Town, brought us his two EP's through his label 'Do Work Records'. Namely Free Trades and All Trades. The label was created early 2013 by Das Kapital himself and his manager, Tim Medcraft.

 Now come April and the time has come for.... The launch party! *YAY* 

Yasis boet, check dat line up! Yoh! Those are literally all my favorite DJ's. I'm so happy. Very totally happy. Take it from me, with a line up like that. Be sure to be there! This Friday - 12 April. 

The Assembly, Eristoff Vodka and some of the DJ's playing are giving away tickets to the event, so hit up their Facebook and Twitter pages.

Let's turn this Friday into a FRIYAY!

Follow Do Work Records here & Das Kapital here



Rihanna Live in SA

I'm no pop music mainstream swimming fish, but I'm not a hippie who doesn't give a handkerchief about her either. I don't mind her. That's my deal. She's coming to South Africa you say? That's nice.

Big Concerts announced this morning that Rihanna will be bringing her "Diamonds World Tour" to SA - 13 Oct FNB Stadium JHB and 16 Oct Cape Town Stadium CPT . But with all those hints and clues from them even a monkey could figure out it was her. (These were the little pics they posted)

Big ups to Big Concerts for bringing another big name. Although she has been here before with Jay-Z back in 2006. Well... She's pop royalty now, that lil Barbados Barbie. I wouldn't mind going, but my student budget prohibits me. And I'm fine with that. To those of you going, have fun. To those of you not, oh well.

This brings up another point. Mikky Ekko!

Her latest single: "Stay" ft Mikky Ekko (I really like this song)

But that guy though. *drools* First of all: yum. Secondly: that voice! I hope he comes with her so that the pop population of SA will be introduced to an awesome new musician. I dig him.

Tickets go on sale for JHB on 11th April and CPT on 12th April through Computicket. Oh* Ay yo Computicket sort your stuff out before the online ticket sales start. Please. For the sanity of my fellow man.



Desmond & The Tutus - Car Guard Tan

YAY! Finally! The "MNUSIC" video to one of my current favorite songs has arrived! Drum roll please *drum rolls on laptop*

The video sees the band members hit their local public swimming pool to enjoy a fun day in the sun. And then all of a sudden they are tan. FUN!

"You're looking good and by good you know I mean borderline." I want to shout that line in everyone's face... sometimes... ok... not really, I'm nice. I love that line!

This "kwela-indie-pop-rock" band from Snor City (Pretoria) will make you dance like a spaghetti string and then cry tears of joy because their lyrics are so fun. Catch them this Saturday - 6 April - at The Assembly. Do it. No really. Seriously.

Follow Desmond & The Tutus on Twitter here


Throwing Shade - Day Dream

Tranquility. The first thing that came to mind when listening to this track.

The inro: a little drum beat, sets off a shoulder shuffle followed by some synths. I love me some synths. Sample some Beyonce and this track has won me over.

Throwing Shade is the first artist to be released on naasMUSIC Electronic. And as a proud Naas Street Team member I recommend you all go take a listen (it's also a free download). Hailing from London, you can check her live at The Assembly on 10 April. Don't miss this opportunity.

Listen & free download here

Follow Throwing Shade here & naasthings here (Twitter)


KFC Salad?

Because you know... If you're going to eat unhealthy food, eat healthy unhealthy food.

After weeks of moaning in my friend's ear about this delicious looking KFC salad, how we are going to go have it and make a date out of it, I phoned my dealer to bring me some. By dealer I mean my parents. I'm sad. I know.

Seriously. Chicken. Lettuce. Corn. Red Onion. And the dreaded Tomato. (I hate tomato, it prevents cancer, yes I know, but euw) What can go wrong? Another plus: INA PAARMAN HONEY & MUSTARD SAUCE. I'm seriously obsessed with that sauce. My friend and I literally put it on everything. Cheese. Steak. Even on plain lettuce. It's that good. It might be a salad dressing, but to Domonique and I, it's a LIFE dressing. YUM.COM *drools*

YAY my dealer bought me the salad and a Sprite. Yum. Let's go. Let's do this. I BBM'd my friend a picture and all. (I'd even Instagram it, if I had an iPhone) But to my utter disappointment it pretty much tasted like Kirsten Stewart. It was so bland and boring. I fished out most of the lettuce and tomato. As with every salad- an overdose of lettuce. Seriously guys. I don't understand what went wrong. My taste buds have been let down. I'm sad. I can't be the only one who expects greatness from a dish and then gets stabbed in the back... or rather the... er stomach? I shouldn't have expected that much anyway. It was KFC after all. Boo to you KFC.

But yes, I still love your Sprinkle Pops. (Well the 10 year old inside of me does)



Who Am I

This is a little something I made up for a project we did at the beginning of the year. I'm no poet, but this is my attempt. It might be very "tweeny-bopper" / "10 year old" like. But it's sweet. And it's me.

Who Am I?
Before I die?

I’m a free bird taking flight,
I’m a small ant with strong might.
I’m always here,
I’m always there,
Including everywhere.

I’m soulful,
I’m powerful,
But I can cry,
When I do try.

Music is my passion,
I’m only slightly bothered by fashion.
But who has time,
When expressing yourself could be a fashion crime.

Who am I?


RAMfest 2013

Sunday 10th March, 17:30… Neck busted, body tanned, bags still not unpacked and my brain… Well my brain is reminiscing about an amazing weekend.

RAMfest 2013 saw the return of the weekend camp. The “one day RAMfest jol” was not working for the Capetonians. One day RAMfest? “Ain’t nobody got time for that”. Once I saw that board stating “RAMfest” with an arrow pointing left, I felt a little imaginary party going on inside.  A Ramgasm I think it’s called. We were, ironically, greeted by one cow attempting to ram another cow at the turn off… Major LOL!

Friday started off a bit rocky, although the RAMfest twitter feed was retweeting posts about the lovely weather and twitpic’ing blue skies. Upon arrival we found some dark clouds and drizzles. But that never stopped anyone from setting up camp and getting their drinkie on.

Sideshow burned the dance floor Friday night at the Olmeca Tequila Electronic Stage with tracks such as “Take Off Your G-string” and Das Kapital’s “Babylon” got the crowd pumping.  A few minutes before Sideshow’s set ended I found my feet involuntarily moving in the direction of the Red Heart Rum Main Stage. For whom you ask? Only the living legends Van Coke Kartel. There is a reason why so many people, as well as myself, call them living legends, because they are exactly that! Between Jason Oosthuizen’s drum solo and Jedd Kessow’s RIDICULOUS guitar solo, we were treated to some more awesome-ness from guest artist such as George van der Spuy, Theo Crous, Peach Van Pletzen and Jack Parow.  We were told Hunter Kennedy and Laudo Liebenberg would be joining the Van Coke oke’s on stage too, sadly that never happened… which was disappointing, quite disappointing actually. It’s not a VCK show if there’s no mosh pit, one erupted in the middle of Theo’s appearance. Francois was not having it and did a stage dive to break it up. Smart man. I absolutely loved how my neighbouring rocker offered me some brandy during VCK’s rendition of “I Want Brandy”, that guy rocked!  They had FIRE! They were on fire! The crowd was burnt! Not literally now guys… but yes, they were that HOT! “Sameswering” was a success. Francois Van Coke wins at life and if you weren’t at their set, well you lost at life! Also, my kindness has triumphed, Jedd threw his guitar pic from stage and smart me took my torch and helped find it in the grass for a fan. #Win.  Up next Jack Parow.  DJ Naaldekoker started the set off with a dancey buzz. Loki Rothman is amazing. I’ve been playing guitar for a while, but compared to that guy I’m a grain of sand in the Sahara! He wrapped up his set with a slight different version of “Jy Dink Jy’s Cooler As Ekker” which was… COOL! Parow’s lyrics and style are fresh and one a kind. Truly unique guy. He pulled a slightly bigger crowd than VCK, burping on stage and all. Parow gets a happy thumbs up from me.

If you went to bed with a tank top and leggings and a comforter to cover you, you had a bad time. Saturday morning was quite chilly. But hey, we had to wake up! I was so excited to take a nice warm shower after waking up feeling like an ice block. Off we go to the bathroom. But the biggest disappointment was the shower situation in the ladies bathroom.  There was no warm water anymore and the drains were blocked up. You would be standing ankle deep in murky shower water if you were brave enough. Eeeh.  By the time I was done wet wiping the hell out of myself, the cleaners arrived to unclog the shower pipes.  But I still refused to go in those showers!

As fresh as we could wetwipe ourselves, we went in search of food. So many good food options (PS well done on that one RAMfest)! I found a ham, cheese, avocado pear and mayonnaise toasted Panini. It was GLORIOUS! We were now good to go and off we went to the BOOM! Stage for some comedy and good tunes. The comedy hour featuring Paul Snodgrass, Schalk Bezhuidenout , Brendan Murray and Garth Woods had the crowd in stitches  Snodgrass leading the comedians in a “Who’s Line Is It Anyway” fashion.  First band on stage was Sons of Settlers. They have a good vibe about them.  Their single “Climb On My Back” had me swaying and bobbing my head happily.  The rest of the morning was spent chilling out in our tent - strategically placed within earshot of the BOOM! Stage. 

The sun had arrived and shared its bounty of rays on the land of the RAM. I nicely rushed over to the main stage to see Moving House. I was most excited for their set, as their debut album is promising and supporting young bands is my thing. At the gates of the main stage people were eagerly waiting to enter. Some to secure a place right in front for Rise Against and Bring Me The Horizon and some to see they MH boys. It’s a tough job opening up the Main Stage at 15:30 in the boiling sun on the main festival day. But they did well. They started of their set with “Keys”, the first song off their debut album. They did a cover of Lana Del Rey’s famous “Video Games” too. I swear that song was written by Andre Pienaar. Rob Davidson ending off with those chords made me snap back to reality and realise that they just did the most beautiful rendition I had ever heard! I sang along sweetly to “Gospel” the lyrics “I’ll be alright this time, I’ll be ok”. They are currently my gospel.  They did “Hot Town” as well, which I loved, so fitting for the little Riviersonderend – Our Hot Town for the weekend! You can get their debut album off iTunes. DO IT!

I had an hour to refresh and chill out till Woodstock Mafia’s set and boy was that needed! Their set was good! Kicking off things with “Rebel Dreams”, their second single, currently being played on radio and also my favourite song of theirs.  Lead singer Joe Theron got all sweaty and stuff. Yum. By the time they did their debut song “Electric Light” things had heated up lekker in the crowd. People be jamming hard to that one!  “I am a sinner and a saint, don’t forget it, don’t you forget it” those lyrics from “Trigger and Gun” is everything Ramfefst was about. Ps: they threw t-shirts into the crowd, if you were one of the lucky few to catch one, meet me in the dark alley in the CBD.

A few hours later I found myself at the Electro stage. Shimmied my booty to the front and saw that PH FAT was on stage. Once they did their sick track “Animals” literally everyone got down like animals! Yo! Next up: Das Kapital!!! The DJ act I was most excited for. Ironically he opens up with “Lords Of Salem”. I find it funny as people regularly accuse him of infiltrating our brains with satanic music, people are just narrow minded and ridiculous, the joke is over people!  DK got the ladies shouting “I LOVE YOU!” and climbing on the railings and ish! He also played another ironic track called “Scumbag” by Bro Safari (rell the soundbender remix). I highly recommend you go listen to it. He was wearing a Notorious B.I.G t-shirt, which was pretty gangster.

After DK’s set a hectic cool down was needed. Because in two hours was Hyphen, Sibot and then PENDULUM!!! on the Electronic Stage.  COMMENCE COOL DOWN. And we’re back at the Electronic Stage. We arrived there to hear Hyphen playing one of the greatest dance songs ever “You’ve got to show me love” … if you don’t dance to that song please re-evaluate your life. Personally, Hyphen was my favourite on Saturday night. He got me dancing so hard and jamming like there SERIOUSLY was no tomorrow. The crowd shrinked as Twelv & Thesis followed Hyphen. I wasn’t impressed. I sat at the picnic tables watching them from the distance. Their set felt like a twelve hour thesis.

SIBOT!!!!!! You booty shaker maker, you!!! (bows down and repeats the line “I’m not worthy!!”) Sibot, joined by Toyota on Visuals, made the crowd and I come back to life. I had to go dance right in the centre of the crowd as I was getting cold though. But that made it all the better! When he did his own track “Tronarist” (my personal favourite) every being in everyone’s body had shot to the moon and back. That is all. SIBOT YOU ARE COOL! Don’t ever stop!

Pendulum, Pendulum, Pendulum.   Where do I begin? First off thank you RAMfest for bringing them back so that I can experience their awesomeness. Second of all, thank you for making me realise how banging the stage set up and lighting at the Electronic Stage was! I mean seriously! Lazer lights all over the show and smoke machines that actually didn’t choke you! Pendulum, I like you. No. Pendulum, I love you. You have a new fan. Honestly, I haven’t heard their music before. But RAMfest sold me. I danced, I jived and I shook stuff that shouldn’t be shaken! And then…. I was broken. I had to go back DOME. Yes dome - as in tent. I lay there on my mattress. Snuggled in my RED sleeping bag. Just listening to the sick tracks of Pendulum and hearing how bat shit crazy the crowd was going for it. (I could hear it from my tent, I swear.) A few moments later… I was out.

SUNDAY ALREADY? Why?! No!! Then I remembered; “Tailor, 11:00am, be there” and YAY me, I woke up in time for her set and the comedy hour! The comedy was funny, duh. A few brave troopers after the Saturday War were found at the BOOM! Stage. Anytime someone got up to go to the bar… or home, they were commanded by the comedians to “SIT BACK DOWN!” My favourite joke was when one of the comedians (forgive me for forgetting his name, this was Sunday after all - but he was funny), accidently knocked the mic stand and said something along the lines of: “Sorry Posh Spice! WOAH! You picked up weight!”. I’m still laughing at that. You can see in Tailors eyes and body language that she is passionate about her music. She treated us to songs such as “Step Back” and “Wolf” and also a song “Rich Man” which she wrote after travelling to Mosselbay to play a gig and then told she couldn’t anymore. Be sure to see her livesometime.

By the time we had to pack up our things, I was crying baby crocodile tears on the inside. I didn’t want to leave! I was living my dream at the Circle Of Dreams! Maybe I'm biased because this was my first music festival. Maybe I’m biased because I think the Fourie brothers are the coolest and kindest dudes ever. Maybe I’m even biased because literally all my favourite acts played. But RAMfest, you get 10000000000 out of 10 from me. See you next year.