sexinadream - Pink Box

New Cape Town electro-pop duo sexinadream, consisting of Mavis Vermaak and Wessel Albertse, formed in March 2012. Working on their self-titled debut album, they recorded their first single, Pink Box, at Resonate Audio in Woodstock, Cape Town with producer Rob Brinkworth in May 2013.

“I've always been interested in human relationships, the mystical and the subconscious. These are regular themes in our music, so our name kind of sums it all up in a poetic manner.” – Mavis

“I added some vintage keyboards synths to the song for a slight 80’s vibe, but it has an unusual slower tempo that makes it difficult for people to place the song in a specific genre, which I think is pretty cool.” – Wessel
The single has to date been playlisted on a number of local and internet radio stations, with a music video in the making. 

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